Statue of King Kong in Jatim Park 2 Before Being Damaged by Malang Earthquake

The quake that shook Malang, East Java, Saturday evening (4/10/2021), was squashed by the Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) to 6.1. Visiting antara page, Saturday (10/4/2021), the focal point was in the ocean with a distance of 96 kilometers south of Kepanjen City, Malang Regency, with a profundity of 80 kilometers.

Because of the tremor that was supposedly felt until Bali, the sculpture of lord kong in batu secret zoo fascination, East Java (Jatim) Park 2, Batu, Malang Raya was harmed.

In one photograph, apparently the top of the sculpture is not, at this point molded, leaving the casing uncovered. In its great view, the sculpture of ruler kong close to the turning snail liner is seen smiling, while his correct hand is molded as though holding something.

Underneath it is a mud like emphasized structure with the notable engraving “Batu Secret Zoo.” Yes, as well as having an assortment of different creatures, this mainstream vacationer location likewise gives an assortment of different offices, including a water park that is additionally found not a long way from the sculpture of ruler kong.

Jatim Park network itself is referred to as an instructive vacationer location just as photographs by using numerous accents of models. Still in the space of Jatim Park 2, there is likewise a monster elephant sculpture at the passage of the Wildlife Museum.

The harm to the sculpture of ruler kong in Batu Secret Zoo has been affirmed by advancement master staff in Jatim Park 2 and Jatim Park 3, Ronny Senjojo, said that he likewise felt the tremor.

Ronny further clarified that solitary the sculpture of lord kong was harmed by the tremor. For this occurrence, there were no fatalities. “It’s protected, there are no losses, it’s protected to control,” he said.

Ronny said that the seismic tremor he felt was very enormous. He assessed the shudder to last around five seconds.

Considering the conditions are as yet protected, it doesn’t empty guests. “I turned out to be nearby. It’s open once more, there are guests. It’s protected there’s nothing,” he added.